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Chad S.

“I've done a few studies with Aviants Insight & Strategy in the past and look forward to doing more in the future. It's a fun experience where not only do you get to share your opinions but you get to earn a little extra money! The group discussions are fun and insightful and I've learned from them too!”


Kristin A.

“I enjoy participating in Aviants’ studies because they truly have the best interest in the products and the people who study them. I also enjoy the interaction between the study members from friendly comments to helpful suggestions.


Whitney R.

“I love working with Aviants because of how convenient and rewarding the research studies are! What could be better than helping a company and then the company rewarding you in return with gift cards and giveaways!”


Meg M

“I have participated in numerous studies conducted by Aviants. Jen and Melissa make participation easy and fun!  I love how I don’t have to log into my computer.  I can access all aspects of the study through my iPhone.  This means I can make good use of my time.  Being able to wait for my hair highlights to process as I log in and answer questions, make suggestions, get positive feedback from other study participants, and win give always is a win win! I love how I get new free products sent to my home and cash bonuses for participation!  Jen and Melissa quickly respond to all my questions!  I look forward to participating in more studies with them in the future! Thank you Aviants!”


Ashley C. 

“I participated in my first online study survey with Aviants and absolutely loved it. It was a fun and exciting experience, they encouraged us to connect with one another sharing our opinions and ideas about the products. The more participation the more giveaways which was a great motivator, but even simply the activities and discussion questions they asked were enough motivation as they were very interesting and fun to participate in. I am so grateful to have had this experience and would love to have the opportunity to do it again!”


Linda W.

“As a past participant, Aviants studies are always rewarding. When completing a study, I feel lucky to have been chosen to review potential products and services that the general population will benefit from. The studies are just the right length and provoke you to think about products in a different manner. I feel like I make a difference when I participate. I’d recommend anyone to participate and complete a study. It is well worth it all!”


Nicole G.

“I have really enjoyed participating in studies with Aviants. I have completed several studies with them over the past year, and although they've been completely different products and topics, Melissa and Jennifer have made it fun and enjoyable each time. They are friendly and very responsive to any input and questions I might have had, and in addition to the honorariums offered for participating, they also award occasional give-aways for participants' quick responses to the survey questions. I would most definitely participate again if offered the opportunity to do so!”

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