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AviantsVoice is a consumer marketing research panel that conducts a wide range of studies to help Aviants' clients develop and launch new products, develop advertising and more.

We're looking for adults from all walks of life -- but the common denominator is that you are articulate, thoughtful and creative about the products and services you interact with in real life.

When you join the panel, you'll be invited to participate in paid:

  • Surveys

  • On-line communities

  • Focus groups

  • Home use tests of products

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Why we do

AviantsVoice Projects

The most common types of AviantsVoice projects are surveys and on-line research communities.

As a member of AviantsVoice, you will likely be most frequently invited to standard on-line surveys.  In surveys, participants complete a series of questions on any web-enabled device.  Most surveys take between 5 and 20 minutes to complete and we ALWAYS tell you in the study invitation about how long it will take to complete.

The topics and types of questions vary tremendously, but many of our recent projects have been related to health, beauty and personal products, home design and cleaning, as well as pets & pet care.

AviantsVoice on-line research communities

Another common AviantsVoice project type is an on-line research community study.

In our on-line research communities, participants log on to a dedicated study portal on a regular basis over the course of  one to three weeks and answer questions, participate in online discussions and activities.   We have had projects that lasted as long as 13 weeks -- we always tell you upfront what the duration of the project is, and how much you will be awarded for your participation.

Acitivities may include survey questions, sharing pictures about the products you use related to the study topic, doing on-line collages, reporting back on shopping trips, viewing new product concepts and answering questions about them.  Many of these projects involve trying new products yourself and providing feedback.

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